的new General 数据 Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect on 25th May 2018. 规则1投资 is updating its privacy policy to provide 您 with increased transparency into the personal data it collects, how it is used, and the controls 您 have over 您r personal data. By using the 规则1投资 website, and all affiliated 规则1投资 pages, 您 are accepting the practices described in this 隐私政策.

规则1投资 knows that 您 care how information about 您 is used and shared, and we appreciate 您r trust that we will do so carefully and sensibly. 的protection of 您r personal data, and compliance with GDPR is a very important concern. We therefore deal with 您r personal data in compliance with the applicable legal data protection provisions.




If 您 have any questions or concerns, please contact the 规则1投资 数据 Protection Officer.

规则1投资 数据 Protection Officer




规则1投资 knows that 您 care how information about 您 is used and shared, and we appreciate 您r trust that we will do so carefully and sensibly. By visiting 规则1投资, 您 are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Notice.

有关此声明的问题,请通过电子邮件发送至 [email protected]. You may also contact us at 规则1投资, LLC., 乔治亚州莫兰德,熊溪路855号,30259.

本隐私政策针对接收,收集的有关会员,访问者和用户(统称“you” and “your”). www.wgpnq.com 并且规则#1投资的所有相关网站可以统称为“www.ruleoneinvesting.com”, “Rule #1 Investing”, “us”, “we”, “Site”, “Website” or “the Company”由于您对本网站及其服务的使用,请仔细阅读本隐私政策,以明确表示您同意本政策以及您同意本协议的条款,包括使用您提供的或所提供的任何个人28网站在本隐私政策中详细收集了关于您的28网站。如果您不同意本隐私政策的所有条款,则不应使用本网站或其服务。



  1. Information collected as a result of 您 navigating through the 现场.
  2. Personal information 您 voluntarily supply when 您 subscribe, order, post a message, photo, video or sound recording, send a message to another user, or participate in a chat room, complete a survey, enter a contest, or apply for a promotional product.

我们收集的第一类28网站可以认为是“passive” information in that we collect certain details about 您r visit to our site without 您 actively inputting any identifying information. This type of 被动 information that we collect and store in our databases, may include one or more of the following types of information (“Data”):您的网际协议(IP)地址;您用来访问Internet的域名的名称;您链接到本网站或我们的网站网络的网站的IP地址;浏览器数据;电子邮件地址数据;以及您访问我们网站及其功能的日期和时间。例如,当访问者,成员,订户或其他站点用户从站点服务器请求网页,单击横幅或其他链接或以其他方式使用或查看站点的服务,产品或其他功能时,我们或我们的代理商可能会自动收集一些28网站 (“Data”) about the visitor, member, subscriber or user. This information may include the IP address from which the 现场 is being accessed, the pages or links that were requested, the special preferences or requests of the user and cookie information received from the computer of the visitor, member, subscriber or user. While the collection of 数据 described above could be thought of as 被动, the second way we collect information is more active.

例如,我们可能会要求您提供个人28网站。您是否提供此个人28网站完全是可选的。这个“Optional Information”可能包括您的姓名,用户名,电子邮件地址,实际地址(或其中的一部分,例如邮政编码),电话号码,性别,婚姻状况,职业,教育程度以及任何特殊兴趣或从属关系。额外“可选28网站,”例如信用卡号,有效期,安全代码和帐单地址等可能需要参加特殊促销或优惠,或者帐单和运送28网站。我们也可以使用“Optional Information” to verify identity, and protect against fraud. When a subscriber, member or user of this 现场 sends any personal communication or correspondence, by any means, to the 现场, another 现场 User, 公司 or any employees, agents or representatives of Company or 现场, we may collect and use any and all such information and all other 数据 regarding that communication including the I.P. address the communication originated from. Once 您 submit personal information to 公司 or 现场 we may collect and store information about 您r activities on the 现场.


此页面包含以下Cookie政策 www.RuleOneInvesting.com。我们使用cookie,IP地址和其他技术来为我们的用户提供我们认为有助于教育和娱乐他们或我们认为他们可能对它们感兴趣的内容和产品。


Cookies are small bits of data or code that we use to track and identify people and their devices that come to our website, www.ruleoneinvesting.com. We also use them to remember 您r preferences and education history with us.



的Importance of Cookies

Cookies are vital to us running our website, newsletter and online education offerings. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to properly track 您r experience on our website or make improvements to 您r experience.


分析Cookie& Tracking

这些cookie帮助我们跟踪您对我们网站的使用,并帮助我们改善网站的工作方式。 Google Analytics(分析)Cookie通过让我们知道实际上有多少人阅读,有多少人不读而离开页面等28网站,使我们知道您发现有趣或有教育意义的内容。当页面在技术上无法正常工作时,他们还会通知我们。通过查看提供给我们的数据Cookie,我们可以确保用户轻松访问我们的内容而不会感到沮丧。


Advertising or tracking cookies collect information regarding how 您 interact with our site and pages 您 have visited so that we can remind 您 of content and events that 您 have shown interest in previously through online advertising. Using cookies, we sometimes run paid advertising campaigns based on 您r history with our website. This is called “online behavioural advertising” (OBA).

例如,您可能已向我们的一个讲习班申请了奖学金并获得了批准。例如,几天后,当您查看Yahoo News时,您可能会看到我们发出的广告,敦促您确保确认对研讨会的预订。通过确保想要参加我们的活动并表达了兴趣的人们实际参加该活动,这有助于我们确保有效地管理我们的研讨会!

We use Google Double Click and other Google services to help us advertise to 您 in our advertising networks. To learn more about Google Double Click 到这里.




We use 网络信标 to count the number of users who visit our website or web pages. This technology allows us to see how successful our content has been including letting us know if our email or messaging has actually been delivered successfully to 您. They track and verify clicks and links we place in emails. By measuring 您r clicks, we distinguish what content entertains and engages 您 best and then modify our messaging.

Flash Cookie

Adobe Flash Player requires we use Adobe Flash Cookie. They help us remember 您r settings and preferences.


These cookies allow us to integrate social media functions into our 现场 and may also be used for advertising purposes.


Most modern browsers are set to accept cookies by default, but 您 can change 您r settings to notify 您 when a cookie is being set or updated, or to block cookies altogether. Please consult the “Help” section of 您r browser.

控制OBA Cookie

的“Your Online Choices” website 您ronlinechoices.com provides more information about controlling cookies. It also provides an easy way to opt out of behavioural advertising from each (or all) of the networks represented by the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance 您ronlinechoices.com/uk/your-ad-choices.

控制Flash Cookie

您可以使用Adobe网站上提供的Flash管理工具来管理Flash技术的使用,网址为: adobe.com/devnet/flashplayer/articles/privacy.html.

Controlling 网络信标

You can prevent 网络信标 from tracking 您r activity, although 您 won’t be able to decline receiving them in emails. For information about managing 您r cookie options, please click 这里.

Please note that by blocking any or all cookies 您 may not have access to certain features, content, or personalisation available on our websites, or apps.

Cookies are one of the tools that we use to 被动ly collect 数据.

Internet Cookie是字母数字标识符,可通过Web浏览器传输到计算机的硬盘驱动器,以使我们的系统能够识别您的浏览器并提供个性化功能和营销。 Cookies用于验证,跟踪和维护有关用户的特定28网站,例如网站偏好或购物车内容。大多数Internet浏览器都允许启用或禁用cookie的选项。您可以禁用cookie,但这可能会使本网站的某些部分无法使用。 Cookies是简单的数据,无法自行执行任何操作。尽管许多反间谍软件产品从某些站点检测到Cookie,但它们既不是间谍软件也不是病毒。本网站使用cookie来使我们的会员,订户和用户的浏览体验更加有效和便捷。我们的系统将使用cookie来记住您的网络偏好,并帮助我们跟踪和确定站点用户的兴趣,偏好和期望,以向我们的用户提供最合适的消息,优惠和其他通信,并总体上增强他们的体验在我们的网站上。公司,网站或公司或网站的任何代理商或分支机构通过使用Cookie或其他类似方式收集的有关网站访问者,会员,订户或用户的任何及所有28网站,都可能包含在我们的数据库中,并以某种方式使用与此隐私政策一致。

We use remarketing pixels from sites including, but not limited to, Google, Facebook, and Twitter to aid in customized, targeted follow-up advertising. These third-party vendors show our ads on sites across the Internet by using cookies based on past visits to our website. Anyone can opt-out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting Google的广告设置。任何人都可以通过访问以下网站来选择退出第三方供应商对Cookie的使用: 网络广告计划退出页面.


We want to inform 您 that third parties such as affiliates and advertisers use cookies on or in association with our 现场. We often have no access or control over these cookies. We may also allow third party service providers to deliver special offers or services to 现场 users. We urge 您 to consult the privacy policies of any third party that 您 encounter on this 现场.


清除GIF,也称为“web beacons” or “single-pixel GIF’s”是非常小的图像(通常为1 x 1像素),可帮助网站更好地了解其客户。尽管任何类型的文件都可以用作网络信标,但是清晰的GIF最为流行,因为它们的文件很小,可以防止它们干扰网站的运行。清除GIF的功能类似于cookie,因为它们用于跟踪和衡量网站用户采取的在线操作。与Cookie相比,清除的GIF不会存储在用户的硬盘上,而是嵌入到图形,文本或网页的其他组件中。网页和图形电子邮件使用代码来告诉您的计算机打开页面时该怎么做。尽管它们通常包含您在屏幕上看到的文本和图形,但网页通常还包含说明或标签’然后问网站’的服务器向您发送更多内容(例如,图像或经常更改的文本块)。以与您在网站或电子邮件中看到的文本和图形相同的方式检索Web信标,并且从另一台服务器调用该材料的操作允许对该事件进行计数。当一个用户’的浏览器从我们的网站请求28网站,我们可能会使用GIF收集“passive”28网站,例如您计算机的IP地址;查看材料的时间;检索图像的浏览器类型;以及我们网站上存在的cookie。这是可以通过使用Cookie收集的28网站。网络信标不给任何“extra”28网站消失了。它们只是我们收集简单统计28网站和管理Cookie的便捷方式。第三方可能会使用清晰的GIF来监视网站上的活动。关闭浏览器’s cookies will prevent 网络信标 from tracking 您r specific activity, but 网络信标 may still record an anonymous visit from 您r IP address.


我们将以上各段中描述的28网站用于各种功能。除了以上述方式使用Cookie,数据和可选28网站外,我们还使用此28网站来衡量网站访问者的数量,流量的产生方式和来源。跟踪我们的会员计划及其各个会员的成功(可以与之共享28网站);跟踪客户通讯,促销计划,特别优惠和广告的接收和成功;并为感兴趣的营销合作伙伴,分支机构,被许可人,购买者和继任者提供并提供有关网站性能的准确统计28网站。我们还使用Cookie,数据和可选28网站来跟踪客户的偏好,并使我们的产品和服务适应这些偏好。您提供给我们的任何个人28网站均属于您的个人财产。但是,通过将您的28网站提交到网站,您授予规则1投资和规则1投资的任何第三方关联公司或子公司将这些28网站用于营销目的的权利,并同意从网站接收电子邮件营销。我们可能出于不同目的维护单独的电子邮件列表。为了结束对特定列表的电子邮件订阅,您必须遵循有关如何取消订阅从规则1投资获得的每个电子邮件信件中的说明。从一个列表中退订不会自动从所有电子邮件列表中退订。我们仅向同意的个人发送电子邮件营销,无论是通过访问本网站还是通过第三方网站,以接受规则1投资或其关联公司和合作伙伴的电子邮件营销。尽管我们竭尽全力保护用户隐私,但在某些情况下我们可能会被要求披露个人28网站,例如:1)在法律要求的情况下,我们真诚地认为采取此类行动对于遵守司法程序是必要的,法院命令和/或传票; 2)如果出售或收购了规则1投资;或3)如果我们认为正在或已经在使用本网站而违反了我们的条款和条件或进行了非法行为。此外,您特此同意在规则1投资机构自行决定确定披露适当时,向任何第三方披露任何记录或通讯,包括但不限于出于抑制目的与其他第三方共享您的电子邮件地址遵守不时修订的2003年《 CAN-SPAM法案》的规定。过去,我们的客户要求我们将其介绍给其他计划,并提供规则#1投资认可并认为其客户将从中受益;因此,有时,规则#1投资可能出于各种营销目的而共享,许可或出售您的28网站给第三方,包括但不限于电子邮件营销,电话营销,短信和直接邮件。




We work to protect the security of 您r information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts information 您 input.

We reveal only the last five digits of 您r credit card numbers when confirming an order. Of course, we transmit the entire credit card number to the appropriate credit card company during order processing. It is important for 您 to protect against unauthorized access to 您r password and to 您r computer. Be sure to sign off when finished using a shared computer.


If 您 are a newsletter subscriber, 您 always have the option of no longer receiving them. At the bottom of each newsletter there is an opt-out option. Simply click on“Please click 这里 to unsubscribe”.


Our customers can correct, access and update pertinent Personally Identifiable Information obtained through the site. Mechanisms include online, email, telephone, postal mail etc. This helps to assure that the information we collect is accurate and up to date. You can correct, access, and update 您r personal information by e-mailing 支持。


If 您 choose to visit 规则1投资, 您r visit and any dispute over privacy is subject to this Notice and our Conditions of Use, including limitations on damages, arbitration of disputes, and application of the law of the state of California. Our business changes constantly. This Notice and the Conditions of Use will change also, and use of information that we gather now is subject to the Privacy Notice in effect at the time of use.


This 现场 reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to revise, amend, modify or revoke this 隐私政策 at any time and in any manner. Changes to this 隐私政策 will be effective upon the posting of any revision on the 现场.



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